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What is BRRN?
BRRN is about connections - essentially, BRRN is a global service community for the Resistance. It is a network of agents from all around the world who are able to quickly find and contact each other for outreach and networking and to pass along critical information. It is made up of trustworthy agents who use hangouts and Google+ extensively and have agreed to be able to respond to messages and requests speedily.
How can BRRN help you?
BRRN can help you quickly connect with other agents, groups or communities pretty much anywhere in the world. You might want to do this as part of organising an operation, because you're travelling, you need keys moved, or for many other reasons.
How can I help BRRN?
If you will be travelling a long distance and will have time to transport keys - let your BRRN rep know; we don’t coordinate ops, but it’s never a bad idea to give people the option to move keys.
If you notice unusual activity that indicates a large Enlightened operation, let your BRRN rep know.
If you would like to contact an agent in another city or country, ask your BRRN rep for help